Front view FAMIX CIP

FAMIX CIP plants - the perfect option for mixer, filler and syrup room.
The compact CIP units allow an easy and cost effective cleaning circuit for mixer and filler.
All parts are mounted on a common frame which makes it easy to place it in any bottling plant.
Number and capacity of the tanks can be adapted to your individual requirements.
For the control we offer simple manual controls as well as fully automatic systems.
FAMIX CIP plants - for each application the best solution.

Method of operation FAMIX CIP

Method of operation of the FAMIX CIP plants can be described as follows:
The tanks for caustic, hot water and possibly acid, the pump, a heat-exchanger and the panel for supply and return are mounted on a common frame.
Using the water connection the tanks are filled with water. Afterwards one tank after the other is heated to the desired temperature by switching the valves to heating in circulation. While the circulation is running the required cleaning agents can be added.
When the desired temperature has been reached the circulation is stopped and the supply to the mixer is connected.The return from the filler has to be connected to the tank chosen for the cleaning step.
The cleaning process starts by switching on the pump. Now one of the tanks, the mixer and the filler build a closed circuit. The capacity and the pressure of the pump are designed in such a way that the required flow rate is reached and the pressure drops in mixer and filler are covered.
After the desired cleaning period is finished the pump is stopped and the next step begins by connecting another tank. This way the complete cleaning programme runs with all cleaning agents required.
To rinse mixer and filler, fresh water is connected directly to the supply.
The CIP plant is cleaned by recirculation using the spray balls built into the tanks.
For manual plants the described steps are followed by connecting swing bends and switching the corresponding valves.
Fully automatic systems have a memory for the cleaning programmes so that only the required one has to be chosen and started.

FAMIX CIP - the compact plants for cleaning of mixer, filler and syrup room.
You choose the number and capacity of tanks and the automation required, we will prepare the matching quotation.


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