Front view FAMIX CW DE

The fully automatic machine for the cleaning of Premix and Postmix tanks at high capacities.
In view of the growing demand for greater capacity and increasing automation in container filling operation we have developed a double ended tank washing machine to meet your future needs.
With over a decade of experience with rotary container washers we have now developed a fully automatic container washer which can handle up to 700 tanks per hour. 

Cleaning sequence FAMIX CW DE

Cleaning sequence:
The tanks are fed into the carrier basket by meansof an automatic loader.
A continuous drive chain transports the carrier baskets step-wise through the machine from one spray station to the next.
At each station the nozzle tubes move up from below onto the container valves and a tappet device presses the tank downwards from above to open the valves.
In this way the tanks travel through the pre-rinse section, six caustic spray sections split into caustic 1 zone and caustic 2 zone, two fresh water rinse sections and two steaming stations. There is a drip zone between each section.
The tanks are automatically unloaded at the outfeed, stood on their base and transported away from the machine.
The container washer including the in and out feed units is manufactured in stainless steel.

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