Front view FAMIX CFV

The fully automatic row filler for Premix and Postmix with volumetric metering system.
The Automation of tank filling plays a key role in our newly developed volumetric inline filling-system.
The type and number of filling heads had to give flexibility for container positioning and capacity requirements. 

Method of operation:
The containers are fed to the filler by a conveyor controlled by counter system within the filler operating an infeed stop. At each cycle a row of empty containers are fed into the filler and the filled containers transported out.
When the row of empty containers are in the filler, the filling nozzles move downwards onto the container opening.
Should for any reason any of the filling nozzles not be in the correct position they will all rise to the resting position and inhibit the filling process starting.
Once the filling valve has been positioned for Premix filling the container will be pre-charged with C02. Once the pre-charge pressure is attained the volumetric metering of the beverage starts and is controlled by means of a high accuracy flowmeter and predetermined counter. For the filling of Postmix syrup the precharging sequence is not required.
Each filling nozzle is individually monitored and the valve will only close when the required quantity has been achieved.
Only when all containers have been filled will the stand time countdown start after which the row of containers are transported out from the filler.
At this signal the filling nozzles are lifted to the resting position after which the containers are fed out and a new row of empty containers fed in to take their place.
Together with the comprehensive automation great care has been taken to ensure exact volumetric metering of the beverage.
The fillers can be easily integrated into existing plants or with our newly developed automatic container washers.

Rear view FAMIX CFV

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