Front view FAMIX Carbonator

FAMIX Carbonator
Carbonation plant for all kinds of beverages

  • Compact plant for carbonation with CO2 or other gases, and water deaeration if required.
  • Suitable for Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Wine, Cider, Fruit Juices and all other beverages.
  • State-of-the-art control technology for highest accuracy with simple operation.
  • Fast product changeover, minimum wastage and easy, automated cleaning processes due to Hygienic Design.
  • Individual design with optimum performance and quality for highest demands.

FAMIX Carbonator – for each application the perfect solution


FAMIX Carbonator Unit

Water deaeration
For production of Mineral Water the treated beverage makeup water is sprayed into the vacuum vessel by means of a nozzle. This allows the gases dissolved in the water such as air and oxygen to be drawn off by means of an air cooled vacuum pump. By this method the residual oxygen content in the water will be reduced to values of 1–1.5 mg/l.

A high pressure centrifugal pump pumps the deaerated water or another product through the FAMIX carbonation unit. The aerosol effect of the injector draws CO2 into the liquid. In the mixing ball water or product and CO2 are homogeneously mixed together. This guarantees fine carbonation and optimum CO2 binding.
The CO2 level is controlled by the carbonation pressure in the product tank. A pressure-temperature ratio controller sets this pressure according to the required gas volume and the current product temperature.
An additional valve system allows the production of low carbonated products and avoids foaming.
A pressure controlled pump feeds the finished product to the filler. The bottling pressure can be adjusted independent of the carbonation pressure.
Carbonation of finished product operates without deaeration to avoid the loss of flavours. The carbonation pump is either fed directly or a buffer tank with level control can be installed.
The Carbonator plants are generally designed for CIP and disinfection with correspondent cleaning programmes.

Available options

  • 2-stage vacuum deaeration to reduce the residual oxygen content
  • Fully automatic control systems for production and CIP (standard for higher capacities)
  • Process analyser systems for inline monitoring of CO2
  • Integrated cooling with plate heat exchanger

Rear view FAMIX Carbonator

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