Front and side view FAMIX Postmix

FAMIX Postmix filler
The simple but accurate solution for filling Postmix tanks.
The tanks can be filled separately or on the pallet using the filling valve fitted to a flexible hose, which is hung into the lid opening of the tank.
The filling capacity is upto 100 tanks per hour.
The filler works with a volumetric metering system: The quantity to be metered is set on a preselection counter. After the start of the metering a flow meter measures the volume flow and transmits pulses to the counter. The counter will throttle down the 2-stage valve before the final quantity is reached and close it when the exact volume has been metered. The preselection counter automatically repeats to the previously set quantity and the next tank can be filled.
The filler is designed for CIP and hot cleaning.

Detail view FAMIX Postmix

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