Degassing- and steaming devices
The best option to use with FAMIX tank washers and fillers.

The CE degassing devices are used to depressurize the tanks before they will be transported to the washer.

Method of operation FAMIX CE/CD

The waste gas is centrally channelled and can be lead outside or used for caustic neutralisation
With the steaming units CD the closed tanks are steamed after the washing process.
The gas valve is used as steam inlet and the condensate escapes at the product valve.
Here again a complete pallet is connected so that the steaming process can be handled parallel to the filling.

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FAMIX Conveyors

We supply complete tank filling plants either for single tanks and for pallets.
Please tell us the desired capacity and the available space in your plant then we will design for you a complete line with all equipment required for successfull Premix and Postmix filling.