Front view FAMIX CF

The FAMIX Premix filling devices type CF for simple filling of your Premix tanks.
Our well-proved filling device type CF has been developed further and we now work with integrated pressure raising and central channelling of waste gas.

Method of operation FAMIX CF

It consists of gas pipe, beverage pipe and CIP pipe arranged one above the other, and of the corresponding gas and beverage valves with hose lines.

Pipes and connectors are made of stainless highgrade steel, material 4301. All parts, induding valves and hose lines, can now also be flushed in circuit, CIP cleaned and hot-disinfected at up to 90°C. Our special hoses are alkali-proof and can be utilized at up to 130°C. 

Vessels are filled by the palette.
First the gas valves (stainless steel - plexiglass design) are pushed on and pressure raising begins.
A pressure of 1-2 bar is sufficient for pressure raising as shown by experience, and the covers become tight. Leaking covers and valves are recognizable and can be replaced.
The beverage valves (stainless steel - plastic design) are pushed on, once pressure raising is completed, i.e. set pressure is reached. This can be recognized visually by the fact that the valve balls in the lower part of the transparent valve tops remain down.
Immediately after the valves have been pushed on, beverage flows in but no waste gas can escape until the pressure set at the central waste-gas valve - about 0.5 bar below mixer pressure - has simultaneously built up in the vessels.
Differential pressure and flow speed can be set at the central waste-gas valve. This is important to prevent formation of foam, which can lead to incorrect filling.
The waste gas is exhausted via a pipe.
When the vessel(s) is (are) full, this can also be recognized visually at the gas valve, by the fact that the balls are pressed against the blocking seat in the upper part ot the transparent valve top by the rising pressure, and the gas valve closes. This terminates the filling process.
In practice, operation is simpler than can be described and has proved excellent.
During subsequent transportation of the filled and disconnected palettes, gas valves and filling valves are held at up to about 100 mm above the vesseis by tension springs.
The valves are pushed onto the CIP pipe tor flushing, cleaning and disinfacting.

Side view FAMIX CF

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