Front view FAMIX CW

FAMIX CW - rotary Canister Washers at state of the art technology.
FAMIX Canister Washers offer an optimal inside and outside cleaning of your Premix and Postmix tanks at minimum consumption of energy and water.
They are entirely designed of stainless steel and are suitable either for alcaline and for acidulous cleaning agents based on phosphoric or nitric acid.
The design of the machines can individually be adapted to the kinds of tanks being used.
FAMIX CW - for each application the best solution.

Method of operation of the rotary FAMIX Canister Washers can be described as follows:
The tanks are loaded into the machine by placing the valves in the centering piece of the nozzle pipe and inserting the lid into the corresponding holding plate.
A rotating driver conveys the inner part of the machine at the cycle rate from one rinsing station to the next. In this way the tanks travel through the pre-rinse, hot caustic and fresh water final rinse sections.
At each station a pneumatically actuated tappet device presses the tanks downwards from above to open the valves automatically. Then the sprays start and clean the internal and external surfaces of the tanks according to the adjusted cycle rate time.
The channeling of liquids to the nozzle pipes is realized with an annular channel system. The annular channel pieces are fitted independently of each other under one track. The pumps are directly connected to the annular channel pieces, thus achieving optimum exploitation of capacities and applied energy.
The liquid can flow out to the nozzle pipes at full pump pressure, thanks to holes in the track.
The nozzle pipes are connected to the annular channel pieces via slide bodies which are plugged over the nozzle pipes and which travel over track from one station to the next at the cycle rate.
Spraying stops during conveying of the canisters and the annular channel pieces clean themselves automatically by means of liquid which is still flowing. Furthermore, large area filter boxes, pressure or suction filters, prevent the pipes and nozzles of the spraying system from becoming blocked.
External rinses at each station guarantee a thorough cleaning of the external surfaces of the tanks.
Also the lid is cleaned from both sides in the holding plate.
The heating of the machine is realized by means of heaters built into the caustic bathes using steam or hot water.
The water of the final rinse is collected in a separate bath and used for the pre-rinse.

The following types and capacites are available:

Type Tanks / h
60 - 180
80 - 240
120 - 360


Rear view FAMIX CW

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